Am I the only one … who has ever had to overcome the loss of a loved one?

Song Quote, “Your eyes have a mist from the smoke of a distant fire.”

© By: Richard L. King

sadness (2)

Misty eyes, life expires
broken heart, loves desires

Move along, love is missed
seeking now, you reminisce

Another look, another dance
smiling face, second chance

Time passes, companion tried
kindly heart, love denied

Move again, evade the miss
seeking now, newfound kiss

Additional look, another chance
lots of fun, no romance

Tangled sheets, pillow talk
not a fit, take a walk

Multiple looks, chances taken
wishful thinking, sadly mistaken

False hope, false starts
broken promises, damaged hearts

Senior years, seeking still
time is short, low on will

Computer pop-up, experiment tried
there she was, unable to hide

Ten years later, still a unit
the songs a hit, no need to tune it

Misty eyes, distant fires
refurbished heart, loves desires


Gramps use’ta say
R.L.King2012 #376

Gramps 1 (4)

About: Friendships

 “Good friends are most appreciated
…during bad times.”




1 thought on “Am I the only one … who has ever had to overcome the loss of a loved one?”

  1. I lost my husband after more than 37 years together. It’s been 18 years and I miss him as much, if not more, as I did when he first died. My best friend, confidant, defender, lover, and husband.


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