Am I the Only One … who makes lists

By:  Donna Hale Chandler

AMessy Desk list is a good thing.  I make lists for EVERYTHING.  Of course I have a Shopping List, which I’ve learned to keep on my phone so it is ALWAYS with me – can’t be lost or left at home.  I have a separate Shopping List for items not found in the grocery store.  I have a First-Of-The-Month-List that reminds me to put bleach in the a/c, change the filter, etc.  I have 2 lists for each holiday.  One would be things I need to go out and purchase.  The other for things I need to do — decorations to put up.  If there’s a get together planned, then there would be a list of who’s coming and a list of food to prepare.   I also have a To-Do-Today-List.  The idea being that what doesn’t get completed will go to the top of tomorrow’s list.  If we have a trip planned, I will have a What-To-Pack-List.  I have this list on my computer so I only have to change the amounts on the items depending on how long we will be away.  (Packing tip —- always pack TOO much — you never know when you might be stranded and alone on a desert island.  That’s my theory anyway).

I’m sure this is just the tip of the ice berg for the number of lists I have but you get the idea.  You would think that I would be organized beyond belief.  However there is a flaw in my list planning.  With the exception of the grocery shopping list, everything ends up on paper.  Paper lists can be easily carried from place to place – to the store – to the bedroom to pack – to the closet for the holiday decoration search.  But we all know what happens to paper lists.

The little paper-list gremlin sneaks into our home when I’m not looking and HIDES my lists.  That is the only explanation that makes sense because as organized as I am, I would never misplace my precious list.  One of these nights I will catch that rascal in the act.  He’s devious and dangerous so I’m afraid to try to capture him but perhaps I can snap a picture and put up Wanted posters.

Watch the wall for your local post office for his photo to appear.


Gramps use’ta say
R.L.King2012 #374

Gramps 2
About: Revenge

“Anybody can carry a grudge,
it ain’t all that heavy.”
(Though it generally weighs heavily on the mind.)



1 thought on “Am I the Only One … who makes lists”

  1. I cannot survive without my lists! Gives me great satisfaction to cross off items I have achieved!!
    I also keep detailed lists of budget items in a generic notebook and rely on it religiously!!!!


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