Am I the Only One …

By Donna Hale Chandler

IPink Ribbon didn’t finish that sentence because I’m sure that I am NOT the only one who has in some way been affected by breast cancer.  Maybe it was a mother, as in my case, or a sister, cousin, aunt.  In the United States about 1 in every 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during her life time.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  If you don’t yet have a cause that you donate to on a regular basis, please consider breast cancer research.

In our small community we play bingo every Wednesday evening.  Last Wednesday, the bingo chairman promised to donate $1.00 for every person who participated.  There were 26 people there and those players donated an additional $40.00.  I know $66.00 may not sound like a lot of money and you may think that your $5 or $10 is too small to be helpful.  But add all small amounts together and they suddenly become a large amount.  Remember what you’re father told you, “Every penny counts.”

And of course have annual mammograms.  Early detection is the key.

Sending prayers and thoughts out to those in treatment and feeling thankful for those survivors among us.


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“99% of the time a comforting hug
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1 thought on “Am I the Only One …”

  1. I love breast cancer awareness month… my best friend was diagnosed with stage 2… I’m currently making her a pink ribbon crocheted Afghan…. in which her father bought me what I needed… I’m also making pink ribbon key chains…


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