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CHAYCIN BOUNTIES is the first book of this new series and will be followed by CHAYCIN KIDNAPPERS and CHAYCIN JUSTICE. This book begins as Chayce Butler returns from a successful bounty trip and learns the news that the local bank has been robbed. The future of the town ties to the success of that bank and the robbery has put that success in jeopardy. If he is to save the town, Chayce will have to chase the bank robbers down and return the stolen money. He has been hunting bounties for over 5 years and he’s good at it. He will get the job done . . . . . if it is the last thing he does!



BROTHERS ADAMS is the 7th book of the CROWS LAKE series. It details the lives of Luke and Darvin Adams. It begins in early 1861 when Luke and Darvin join the confederacy to fight in the Civil War. As the story meanders through the trials of war, then a difficult and dangerous 8-month journey with the wagon train, followed by 5 years of fruitless digging for gold, one would understand if the brothers were to become discouraged.



LAST RIDE is the 8th book in the CROWS LAKE series. It actually picks up where book five left off, detailing the later life of Vern Johnson. He will lead the town into a modern world of electtricity and motor vehicles. He will take you along on the journey as he captures or kills those who operate outside the law.


THE CROW’S NEST (Book 1 of 8)

By King… This is the first book in the seven book CROW’S LAKE series. Although it is credited to King, Chandler was very much involved in it’s content. It begins in the 1970’s with Tim (Bo) Hasbrook, sitting in his hometown bar watching TV. Returning from 5 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, he’s approached by Lindsey, the niece of now deceased Vern Johnson, who had taken Bo in as a 15-year-old orphan. Together, they will resurrect Vern’s neglected ranching operation and attempt to solve his murder. Vern, knowing that Bo was innocent, had spent his last 4 years trying to prove that fact before being murdered by the man who had committed the crime that Bo was accused of.


PAPPY’S GOLD (book 6 of 8)

By Chandler and King… Pappy (then known as Thomas Adams) becomes orphaned at the age of 16 and, lying his age, joins the confederacy to fight in the civil war. After mustering out he returns to his burned-out ranch to rescue it. Secretly marrying, causes his father-in-law to threaten imprisonment for rape and forces him to turn his ranch over to her and leave the area. This leads to discovering his gold mine and, 17 years later, to his partnering up with Vern Johnson, who convinces him to write to his long-lost wife. After re-connecting with her, they’ll will sell their gold mine, later joining together to turn Vern’s cattle ranch into a successful operation.


Crow’s Lake – (Book 2 of 8)

By King… This book was credited to King, although Chandler was very much involved in it’s content. In this book we’ll find Bo and Lindsey actually solving the mystery of Vern’s death while simultaneously connecting that murderer to the deaths of Lindsey’s parents (Vern’s sister) as they continue to resurrect the ranch by turning it into a modern-day bed and breakfast/dude ranch.


Before the Crow’s Fly – (Book 3 of 8)

By Chandler and King… This book is a prequel to the Crow’s Lake Saga which has now reached 8 books. It begins in the 1890’s when 18 year old Vern Johnson sets out to make his fortune. It will take the reader through his trials and tribulations as he partners with Pappy Adams during his foray into gold mining where he prospers beyond all expectations and will eventually purchase his own ranching operation.


The Crows – (Book 4 of 8)

By Chandler and King… This book is a continuation of the Crow’s Lake Saga centering around the life and times of Vern Johnson. After becoming wealthy prospecting for gold, he will sell his gold mine and become a successful rancher, eventually marrying and being blessed with a son. Life isn’t always as peachy as one would like and Vern’s life will bear that out.


The Crows Finale – (Book 5 of 8)

By Chandler and King… This the fifth book in the Crow’s Lake series and is a follow-up to The Crows. It will continue the story of Vern Johnson’s life and times bringing us well into the 1900’s wherein Vern is “passing the torch” so to speak as he assists his hired hands in setting up their own ranching operation.


Set of 6: THE CROWS LAKE 6 book series

Although there is a seventh book in this series nearing completion, at the present time there are only six available for purchase. All six of them are available above, but you can own the entire set at a reduced cost right here.


CLOSED CASES Stony Johnson, P.I. (Book 1 of 2)

By Chandler and King… Stony Johnson is a highly respected, very capable private investigator. These are 5 of his many interesting CLOSED CASES. Set in the 2030’s and beyond these stories of intrigue surrounding new technology, new medical miracles and new clients are very habit forming. Stony will worm his way into your heart as he weaves his way from one case to another, some of which will connect years later. Although their romance would seem to be a thing of the past, Stony’s good friend Donna Jones will remain with him throughout the entire series.


CLOSED CASES BOOK TWO (Stony Johnson, P.I. (Book 2 of 2)

By Chandler and King, this book will continue discussions about the interesting career of Stony Johnson, this book contains only one story. Years after the Miami Mob case #2050-04, which was the main focus of book one, was thought to have been resolved, this story will wrap up the many loose ends that will come to Stony’s attention.


CLOSED CASES (Both books)

You can purchase both of the above discussed CLOSED CASES books at a reduced price right here.


Adventures of Gizzy

By Chandler and King, this book is for young people between the ages of about three through the teen years. The initial responses have been very positive and it has become a popular gift item of many parents and grandparents.



By Chandler and King, this book details over 1700 helpful household hints on ways to use common household products in uncommon ways. As a set with the above book or as a stand-alone reference, both of these books are destined to become the “Masters” of hints books and will one day without doubt, become a staple of the American home. They are highly recommended for any and all occasions gift choices.



By Chandler and King, From cleaning drains to removing stains or easing your pains, over and over, you’ll find this book essential. It details over 1000 additional helpful household hints that the authors gleaned from dozens of sources. Presented in categories and alphabetized, you’ll find it easy to locate the exact tip you are looking for. As a set with the above book or as a stand-alone reference, both of these books are destined to become a staple of the American home. They are highly recommended as gift choices for any and all occasions.


Both Hints books in one set.

The perfect gift for all occasions – The Hints Book Almanac – SET is offered here at a reduced rate should you purchase them as a set. With over 2700 helpful hints covering everything from A (Arts and Crafts) to T (Travel) there are a multitude of problems that you should be able to solve through the use of these almanacs.


Memories and Time

By King – An accumulation of over 100 of the author’s best and most recent poetic offerings.


Life Happens (My Story)

By Chandler – A humorous book of short stories and poems about the many joys to be found in one’s life, if you look for them.


Nice and Naughty

By King -Rated for “MATURE” audiences; this book contains a few of the poems that were considered a little too ‘risque’ for his original book, however those works are limited to a single chapter of 14 poems. The majority of the book contains material suitable for general audiences


Beginning To Begin (Again)

By Chandler – A series of short stories and poems which will tug at your heart strings, yet at times, will bring a smile to your face. It’s a depiction of the challenge of ‘Beginning to Begin Again’ after the loss of her husband to cancer. As a senior citizen, she is beginning to live again, dating, learning to laugh again. All of which can be a difficult yet, often humorous task after 40 years of marriage.


Wanderin and Wonderin

By King – The reconnoitering’s of the “Wanderin Man,” a Harley Davidson riding, sometimes singer, sometimes songwriter and occasional gambler who travels the country living by his wits.


Amazing Grace

By Chandler –Although this book has been written particularly for the descendants of Grace Diamond and contains the Diamond family tree, others may be interested in learning the way of life for a poor Kentucky girl born in 1929. Her trials and triumphs have been an inspiration to many.


The King Family Almanac

by King – this book was primarily written for the descendants of Elmer and Viola King. It details the family history from the grand parents of both Elmer and Viola through the year 2012.



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