AM I THE ONLY ONE…. Who get annoyed by slow’poke drivers?

By Richard L. King

Traffic jamPeople should learn to be more considerate when driving. Especially older people, I’m 74 and I consider myself to be one of them, but so many of them drive like idiots. Oh, I know that being an idiot is not restricted to us old farts, but when you start out as an idiot, then start getting older, you double your chances.

Here’s an example…. You’re driving down the boulevard (any divided two lane street) and traffic seems to be moving exceptionally slow. You’re running late and you’re in the left lane….. (The lane normally considered as being the fast lane) and there is a line of two or three cars in front of you, but you can see that it’s clear for a long ways in front of that lead car. The thing is,,,, this fast lane seems to be moving slower than the slow lane. You put up with the poking along for a while then you decide to slip over into the other lane trying to get around the slow poke. (I’ve never seen a statistic to support it, but it’s my belief that slow-poke drivers are responsible for more traffic accidents than any other single cause and it’s because everyone else overreacts.) Invariably, when you finally get around the jam up, you’ll find that it’s some old codger driving well below the speed limit without enough brains or consideration to get over into the slow lane.

PEOPLE!!!! They call it the FAST LANE for a reason!!! That sign saying slower vehicles stay in the right lane is there for a reason. If you’re going to poke ass along below the speed limit, it’s there for you!!! Please have enough common sense and courtesy to get over where you belong.


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2 thoughts on “AM I THE ONLY ONE…. Who get annoyed by slow’poke drivers?”

  1. When you do pass him or her you see that their left turn signal is on and has probably been on for miles. Either that or when you pass the person you find it is a young person that is texting.


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