Am I the Only One … who believes a ‘junk drawer’ is a must-have

By Donna Hale Chandler

Junk DrawerRecently we remodeled our kitchen, making it bigger with more cabinets, etc. and I absolutely love it. I don’t even want to cook in it for fear of getting it dirty. (Any excuse for going out to eat, rather than cook, right?) One kitchen bonus that I didn’t realize we were getting is a super-size junk drawer. In the past we’d crammed our junk into the smallest drawer in the kitchen. But no more, ALL the drawers are wide and deep and wonderful.

I cannot wrap my head around the idea that some people don’t have junk drawers. Being that organized is beyond my comprehension. When they finish with that screw driver, do they actually take it back and place it in the tool box. Unbelievable! Having all types of odds and ends right at your fingertips in a special drawer is much more efficient.

Items in our junk drawer include a couple of different screw drivers, (we must have forgotten we had one in the junk drawer and went to the tool box for another) two containers of Gorilla Glue, ( each opened and half used) a pair of piers, water filters for the Keurig coffee pot, seven coolie cups ( you never know how many people will show up and need to keep their beer cold) four decks of playing cards, (we may have a poker tournament someday and should be prepared) two rolls of scotch tape, (one almost gone) a Halloween decoration that was left out of the Halloween box, (why drag the box back out of the closet when we have a perfectly good junk drawer). The list goes on and on, could easily fill a page but I’m sure you get the idea.

I don’t even know what a few of the items are or what they were used for, but throw them away? Never! We might have need for them someday. (If we remember where they are.)


Gram use’ta say

Old Lady 6

“The heaviest thing you ever carry around
with you is a grudge.”




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