Am I the only one….. who thinks Doctors take advantage of insurance companies?

By: Richard L. King

Several years ago I had cataract surgery on my eyes. Wow! What a change! Wish I’d have had that done years sooner. The only time I need glasses now is to read and if I’m really pressed and the lighting is good I can read without my readers.

After they performed the procedure on my right eye I knew before I left his office that I wanted the left eye done, but the doctor refused to do both eyes at the same time.   They scheduled me for follow up visits for the next 6 or 8 weeks, probably 4 or 5 visits in total. And of course, they charged my insurance company for every damn one of them. Each time I told him I wanted to have the second eye operated on, but he wouldn’t do it yet.

The biggest problem during that time was that I no longer needed my glasses for my right eye, but everything was blurry out of my left eye if I didn’t wear them. If I put my glasses on the situation was the same in reverse. I’m an avid reader, but reading for any length of time was going to cause a nightmare headache.

Then after about two months my doctor agreed to do the other eye. Now the whole damn process is repeated with 4 or 5 more follow-up visits, each for which they bill my insurance company.

It’s a racket, I tell ya. There is absolutely no damn reason he couldn’t have done both eyes within a few short days and saved half of those follow-up visits which my insurance company was on the hook for.

The worst part though was that 6 to 8 weeks before I could see out of both eyes with the same clarity. Even if he wasn’t bleeding my insurance company for every dime he could get out of them he was torturing me unnecessarily.

In the end however, it was all worth it and I highly recommend the surgery. I’d shop around for a good surgeon though and I’d get a handle on just how soon he’ll be willing to do the second eye.


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