Am I the only one… who has had way too many birthdays?

©By: Richard L. King

 Sixteen was a great birthday, maybe his favorite of them all,
he got to start driving,,,, meeting with friends at the mall.

Thirteen was also nice, a teenager at long last
and at eighteen he would graduate, putting high school in the past.

At twenty one he was legal some might say he’d come of age.
After that they’re all downhill, you just turn another page.

That’s the way he always thought, until eventually he hit 65,
then he really started believing that finally, he had arrived.

At 60 he got social security, thinking, “the governments paying me,”
after years of paying in, seemed he was getting money free.

He was drawing widower’s benefits, seemed more like a loan,
then he hit 62 and started drawing on his own.

But at 65 he really had it made, as he qualified for Medicare,
with the money he now saved, he could travel most anywhere.

Living in the best of times, he was like a pig in slop
and for the foreseeable future, he’d be viewing life from the top. 


Sweetie got a Jury Summons, causing his greatest exaltation,
cause he’d just turned 70, that’s no longer a part of his equation.


Gramps use’ta say
©R.L.King2012 #440
Gramps 1 (11)
About: Management  

“Ain’t never seen an effective boss
who didn’t ruffle some feathers
every now and again.”




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