Am I the Only One … who was apt to leave the grocery list at home.

list  I suspect that lots of you write out grocery lists in order to be able to speed through the grocery store.  Well, so do I.  I could be the Queen of List Making.  I always have a grocery list, and it often was sitting home on the kitchen counter when I went to the store.

Just a quick tip for those of you who make grocery shopping lists and shop at Publix.  They have an amazing app that I absolutely love.  You add things to your list on their app.  When you get to the store to shop and open the list, it is in the order of the aisles.  Yep, that’s right, it will have little sub-headings that will say ‘Aisle 2 – and list your items that are in aisle 2’.  I love it and since my phone is practically glued to the palm of my hand I never find myself at the store without my list.

Of all my crazy apps and games that take up memory space on my phone, this is absolutely my favorite.  Maybe other grocery stores offer the same type of app.  Publix is the one that I’m familiar with and the one that I now cannot exist without.

Try it – you’ll like it.


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