Am I the Only One ….. who enjoys a thought provoking poem from time to time?

I Am

By: Richard L. King

…I am Respect

I’ve served my country, my state, my county and town,
wherever there was need,,, I’ve been found.
I’ve been a politician, a policeman, a fireman and a soldier,
whenever there was burden,,, I’ve lent a shoulder.
There’ve been many ups, and as many downs,
no matter the circumstances, I’ve been around…

… … …

…I am Love

I’ve been through marriage, followed by child birth.
Time to time, I’ve questioned my worth.
Death has taken parents, spouses, daughters and sons,
believe me there were times, life just wasn’t much fun.
Often we stumble, as we seek new direction,
yet life goes on as new paths beckon…

… … …

…I am Hope

I’ve traveled the seas, seeking new shores,
fought numerous battles, survived many wars.
I’ve been through the great tsunami, many lives lost
and witnessed Katrina,,,    I know the cost.
I’ve survived the great Chicago fire, riots in Detroit   …and LA,
the stress of cancer   …and oh-by-the-way…

 …My time has come!
…I shall endure


Gramps use’ta say
R.L.King2012 #391

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About: Opposition

 “The wise man always fears
the hungriest bear over the smartest.”


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