Am I the Only One … who occasionally enjoys a little poetry.


By:  Richard L. King 

We meander our way through life
…slowly at first,
until near the finish
…the pace quickens.

Each day
…collecting mementos & memories
…dreams & treasures.

A favorite saying,
a treasured gift,
a long lost pet….
an old love…

By any name
…they are merely pieces we’ve collected.

Hopefully the good out-number those less so,
but either way we continue collecting

…all the while
attempting to slow the quickening pace.
…and we survey our pieces,
savoring them,
dare say, hording them.

Then one day collecting ceases,

we meander no more…
our collection is left behind.
…forever lost
…..forever remembered?

Hopefully we are wise enough,
to leave some great mementos
….and memories

for those who follow.

Just as we are ever so hopeful that some of the mementos we leave here will become fond memories of our followers.


Gramps use’ta say
R.L.King2012 #396 

Gramps 1 (9)

About: Marital Bliss  

I wear the pants,
but she tells me which pair,
when and where.”



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