AM I THE ONLY ONE . . . who still enjoys reading a good book? VIII

This excerpt is from our first and only children’s book to date, titled ADVENTURES OF GIZZY


Gizmo was a kitty that belonged to my late son, Timothy who lived next door to me.  After my son unexpectedly passed away Christy, his daughter, took Gizmo away to a different city to live with her mom and a house full of dogs. 

Gizzy, as we most often called her, apparently wasn’t too fond of the new arrangements or of living with all those dogs.  She didn’t stay long before she came up missing.  However, about a week later she showed up back at my son’s house looking for ‘The Master.’  It took time and considerable effort but gradually we were able to convince her that we were trustworthy and she would eventually become comfortable enough to adopt us. 

This story is about her life and the experiences she might have had during her travels from a strange, far-away land back to her old neighborhood where, instead of The Master, she found a friendly Old Guy and Old Gal whom she would slowly learn to love

Chapter 1 – Gizzy’s Early Years

She was born on a rainy morning several hours before the sun came up.  A tiny white and grey ball of fluff, she was the 3rd in a litter of 5 kittens with two brothers and two sisters whom she grew to love more than anything in her world.

She loved her mom too and from the very beginning she could tell that her mom loved her.  She would never get to know her dad,  Mom never talked about him and it seemed to be the way things would always be. 

She had begun life, living under a pile of boards and junk in the backyard of The Master

A couple of her aunts visited from time to time, but she never really got to know them.  They weren’t very friendly anyway and in reality, she was kind of afraid of them. They were not nice to her, like her mom and her brothers and sisters always were.  She was just a kitten, but she was already beginning to form her own ideas about what she liked and didn’t like quite so much.

After a while, The Master began to call her Gizzy and sometimes she was called Gizmo.  She liked Gizzy better and decided that she really liked The Master, but especially when he rubbed her head or scratched her back.  He was very gentle with her and she was just certain that she was his favorite.

As Gizzy grew there came a day when she realized that her two brothers were no longer around.  She wondered about that, but never fully understood why.  She tried to talk to her mom about it, but Mom wasn’t certain what had happened to them.  Mom told her that things like that sometimes happen in a cat’s life, but she assured Gizzy that they had a nice new home. She  couldn’t explain it, but it was something that humans thought was best and so she guessed that would always be the way of things.

Then one day both of her sisters disappeared and it was only Gizzy, her mom and the one scary aunt whom she had learned was named Sky.  The mean and crazy old aunt had also gone missing and again Mom didn’t seem to know why or where she had gone.  Gizzy wasn’t as sad about the mean aunt being gone as she was about her brothers and sisters.  She really missed them and she missed all the fun they always had playing together.

Sometimes there was a girl who lived with The Master.  She had heard The Master call the girl Christy and heard the girl call The Master Daddy.     

Gizzy liked Christy because she had always been real nice and friendly to her.  The only problem was that Christy sounded so much like Gizzy that sometimes when The Master called out a name they both thought he was saying their name and they would both come.   Every time Christy saw Gizzy she would feed her treats and scratch her head.  Gizzy really liked having her head scratched, but she liked getting the treats even better.

Gizzy wanted to ask Christy what had happened to the rest of her family, but she had never been able to make Christy understand what she was trying to say.  It always seemed like they were each speaking a different language. 

Besides, Christy had always seemed to like the dog better than Gizzy or her family members.  She always seemed to pay much more attention to him.  She called him Chaz and she seemed to speak to him quite often.  Gizzy didn’t understand what they were saying and it didn’t seem to her that Chaz spoke the same language as Christy, but for some reason it seemed like they both understood each other better than Gizzy understood either of them.  Chaz always seemed to be friendly to everyone, including Gizzy.  He was just a real goofy, friendly guy, but sometimes other dogs would visit and Chaz wasn’t always friendly with them.  As a matter of fact, those other dogs didn’t seem to want to be friendly with anybody including Gizzy and her mom.

Whenever anyone new came to the house Chaz always acted like he knew them and always jumped up and put his front paws on them.  Gizzy just didn’t understand how a dog could possibly know everybody who came to the house when she didn’t feel like she knew any of them.   Maybe dogs are a lot smarter than cats.  She didn’t really believe that, but she made a vow to herself that one day she would find out.

EDITOR’S NOTE: There is a good deal more to this story, titled: ADVENTURES OF GIZZY. The book is available through Amazon and can be found at either one of these two sites. http://www.amazon.com/author/richard-lee-king/

Amazon.com: Donna Hale Chandler: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

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