AM I THE ONLY ONE. . . who has a pet peeve or two?

This is an article that I wrote, quite a few years ago, for my local newspaper; about people who don’t turn their headlights on when they should.  I was recently reminded of the article when I was out at dusk and encountered one car after another who were driving in the near dark without any lights.  I’m quite sure that the idiots who seem to insist upon driving stupid are not all located here in Florida. For that reason, I thought it might be beneficial to post the article on our blog as well. 


People, who don’t turn on their headlights at dawn, or dusk, or when it starts to rain, anger me.  Of course, that’s not the exact word that I wanted to use, but I’m trying to be nice here by keeping it clean.  

Seriously though, some people just don’t seem to grasp the concept that turning on their headlights makes them easier to be seen.  This is for their own safety as well as the safety of everyone else.  Likely they can see me, but that’s not the point, what if I can’t see them? 

I live in the sunny south and especially down here in Florida, there are lots of people in my age bracket (and well beyond) still driving.  BREAKING NEWS!  WE DON’T SEE AS WELL AS WE ONCE DID!  Not only that, but OUR REFLEXES AREN’T QUITE AS QUICK AS THEY ONCE WERE.  I (and most of them) am still a very capable driver, but given the obvious benefits of headlights, why would you not want to give yourself every possible opportunity to avoid getting smacked by me, or someone like me. 

I’d just like someone to explain to me what the benefit is for not turning on their headlights.  Do they think they’re saving on their battery?  Do they think they’ll be getting better gas mileage?  Just what possible benefit do they derive from not turning them on and is it anywhere near as valuable as the lives they put in danger?  When I see some idiot driving without their lights on when we all know it’s time that they should be, rather than flash my lights off and on, which is what I’ve done for years, I now hit them with my bright lights.  You’d be surprised how often their bright lights hit me back.  I see that as, Mission Accomplished.  

And what about the idiots who turn on only their parking lights?  Please!  Someone tell me just why would they do that?  Obviously, they realized it was time for lights, but why only their parking lights?  (And by the way, they are called “PARKING LIGHTS” for a reason.)   They aren’t parking, they aren’t saving on their battery, or getting better gas mileage and if they are, it’s certainly not enough to take the chance of some old fart like me hitting them, is it?   I’m begging for somebody to please explain that one to me.  Seriously, if there is a legitimate explanation, I’d really like to hear it.  I’m old, but I’m still open minded and I’m very willing to learn something new.

People!!!!  Listen to me!!!  When it rains, or when it starts to get dark, or early in the morning when all us old farts think we absolutely have to be out there on the road during your rush to get to, or from work, please turn on your damn headlights, so we don’t run your ass down. 

Oh, and while we’re on the subject,,,,, our hearing has gotten bad too, you might just as well lay off the damn horn.  Besides, all that horn blowing is wasting your battery life too.  Save all that energy and turn your damn lights on.  PLEASE!!! 

The life you save may be mine, or someone I love.


When driving at dusk, or at dawn,
when it’s foggy, or if there’s rain,
most people turn on their headlights,
at least those of us, who have a brain.

To be licensed and allowed to drive,
we should all be tested for common sense.
We all should know to turn on our lights,
it’s a simple matter of self-defense.

I sometimes get upset by people,
who just won’t use their brain,
but writing somehow helps me vent,
which in turn, helps keep me sane.

I’d like it if people who read my article
would tell me, if they agree.
Are those people being selfish,
or is all of this, just me?

If all of us would take the initiative,
I think it could possibly save some lives,
if everyone who reads this
passed it on as a “word to the wise.”

So if you’re so inclined
I hereby grant permission
for you to pass it on to others
and help me with my mission.

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