AM I THE ONLY ONE . . .Who gets overwhelmed from time to time?

Once again, I find myself needing to apologize for ignoring this blog.  I beg for forgiveness.  It’s been a while.  There’s no need for you to hear any of them, but I have lots of excuses.  Suffice it to say that both Donna and I have been writing a lot however, it’s been in the form of books rather than posts for this site.

Several years ago we moved away from writing poems and into fiction writing with our first novel, titled: THE CROW’S NEST (February 2018).  Although that book was credited to me, Donna was very involved in its content.  We followed that up with another novel titled: ADVENTURES OF GIZZY (July 2018), a children’s book of which we are very proud.

Since March of 2019 we’ve published seven new books, with number eight very near completion. All of them are now available on this site.  If you’d be interested in checking them out, simply click on OUR BOOKS and you can read a short preview of each book.

Most of these books have been in what we refer to as THE CROW’S LAKE SERIES.  The original book, mentioned above, came out in February of 2018.   After that book went to the printer, we felt that those characters had more to say which led us to the second book in the series, titled CROW’S LAKE, (3/2019).   

We followed that book up with several prequels, titled BEFORE the CROWS FLY (6/20), THE CROWS (9/2020), THE CROW’S FINALE (12/2020) and PAPPY’S GOLD (7/2021) which we just got back from the printer this past week. 

The seventh and probably the last book in that series, titled BROTHERS ADAMS is nearly complete, but it likely won’t be to the printer before October 2021.  In the meantime, we’re attempting to publish episodes of it on Kindle Vella, which is a brand spanking new format on Amazon. I would encourage you to check that out.  It’s so new that, although I posted my first episode two weeks ago, I haven’t yet seen it appear.  The site just days ago opened for the public.

During the last two years we’ve also put out two private detective novels titled CLOSED CASES (Stony Johnson, P.I.) books one (7/19) and two (4/20).  A third book in that series is in the works, but it’s likely to be a year or more before it’s ready for printing.  If all goes well, it’s likely that it will also appear on Kindle Vella before it goes to print.

Beginning with my next posting, we’ll be sharing excerpts from our CROW’S LAKE SERIES.


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