Am I the Only One … who learns only after a mistake?

CokeA scientist, I am not! Words of wisdom are usually passed on by those who have already screwed up. I am certainly no exception. For example:

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you removed a can of soda from the refrigerator and dropped in on a tiled kitchen floor?

When burning questions like that pop up, you can find the answer one of two ways. You can EXPERIMENT by dropping your own can of soda on your own kitchen floor, OR you can RESEARCH your question and ask others who may have already completed research in this important area.

I suggest RESEARCH and I know the perfect person for you to interview first ………………. ME!

When a soda can slips from your hand and falls to the tiled kitchen floor, it EXPLODES and sprays sticky Coca Cola from head to toe and ceiling to floor,,,,,,,,,,, into the crack between the refrigerator door and freezer door, under the stove, and even in between the pages of the cookbook you were preparing to use. The spray is even strong enough to fly into the next room, falling onto all those surfaces and soaking into all those little cracks and creases.

The only thing to do is grab a mop, paper towels, spray cleaners, maybe even a bucket of paint and a paint brush for the walls, and go to work. During this frenzy of cleaning you will probably hear tiny little ant voices in the distance saying something like “COME ON BOYS, FREE DRINKS, FOLLOW ME!”

After the kitchen and surrounding rooms are cleaned, throw yourself, completely dressed into the shower because you will surely be a sticky mess. By the time you’ve showered, the kitchen floor should be dry and you can perform the Cleanliness Test, which everyone knows is to walk on your floor with bare feet. If you don’t stick, it’s clean.

I’ve just completed the first portions of this exciting experiment, now it’s time for my shower, followed by the Cleanliness Test. (And there’d better not be any bugs in there looking for refreshments!)


Gram use’ta say

Old Lady 5

“You can never over use Thank You or Please.”




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