Am I the only one……. who gets tired of hearing people bitch and complain?

 I live in a senior citizens condominium community where everyone owns their own unit. We all pay a monthly maintenance fee which I consider to be very reasonable and which has seen minimal increases over the years. That fee is to cover the expense of hiring all the service personnel required to keep the community looking really nice. In addition, our monthly fees pay for garbage removal, cable TV, water & sewer and probably several other things that I’m forgetting to mention. Our entire complex is magnificently maintained. The lawns are mowed weekly including edging and trimming, the trees and shrubs are trimmed on a regular basis and replaced as needed. The trash dumpsters, which are emptied on a regular basis, are all contained inside of concrete walls which for the most part are well hidden by shrubbery. In short, we live in our own little piece of paradise. It’s a place that I’m proud to call home and show off to my snow-bird friends who visit each year.

However, there are times when I get frustrated about some of the individuals who also live here. The majority of them are kind and caring people who don’t cause any problems and don’t spend all of their time complaining. But there is that very tiny minority of them who seem to live only to make life as miserable as possible for everyone else.

At our annual owners meeting those are the people who get up to speak and when I say speak, I mean bitch. They can’t seem to find anything about living here that pleases them and rather than simply ask a question about whatever is bothering them they tear into the manager or the attorney or a member of our Board of Directors, who incidentally are not paid, but volunteer for that position.

I’m of the belief that they are the same people who can’t or won’t pick up after themselves. Likely it is they who go to the pool and move the furniture around to suit their needs then just get up and walk away without putting it back where it belongs. They are without a doubt the same people who use the various floating devices provided for everyone’s entertainment then, rather than put them back in the containers provided for that purpose, simply throw them in that general direction, leaving them for someone else to pick up.

They’re also probably the same people who bring beer to the pool and sit around drinking it even though the rules prohibiting that sort of thing are prominently posted. Maybe they are the ones who bring their grandchildren to the pool, but can’t be bothered enough to supervise them properly. Running, screaming, jumping in the pool or babies in diapers are not proper use of the community pool in a senior citizen community and those rules are also posted for all to see. We purchased our unit in a senior citizen community for a reason and it wasn’t to listen to someone else’s misbehaving grandchildren.

Geeze-O-Pete, hope I haven’t just turned into one of the very people I’m complaining about…


Gramps use’ta say
©R.L.King2012 #401
Gramps 1 (2)
About: Life’s Lessons

  “They’s some things best left unsaid,
but it’s damn hard
figurin out which ones.”


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