Am I the Only One … Who Throws All the Clothes Together on Laundry Day?

By:  Donna Hale Chandler

sparklesI may have won the Battle of The Bugs a few days ago but I just don’t see a quick end to the Battle of the Sparkles. Actually I brought on my own grief by forming a bad habit several years ago when my children were small. I was working full time, and time for cleaning, laundry, etc. was severely limited. The bad habit has to do with the dreaded chore of doing the laundry. I found that you can be finished with all those dirty clothes in half the time if you just throw everything in together…. whites, darks,….. makes no difference. Just make sure you push the cold water button. Nothing fades, nothing shrinks, all is right with your world… USUALLY!

Once on New Year’s Eve I donned a nice sparkly top and celebrated with my sweetie and my friends. All was well, until laundry day rolled around. The pretty, festive, sparkly top needed a bit of attention. I read the ‘care’ label which instructed me to wash separately on the gentle cycle. So, as had been my habit, I ignored the label and in it went with the rest of the clothing to be washed.

Who would have ever guessed that ‘sparkles’ actually jump from article to article, either while sloshing in the washer or tumbling in the dryer? Who would have ever guessed that those pretty sparkles could come off of that nice top and attach themselves to EVERYTHING ELSE?

I then had very fancy, sparkly sheets, sparkly pillow cases, sparkly socks, sparkly jeans, sparkly towels and even sparkly wash clothes. .

I was afraid that for many months I would need to sleep with a mask over my eyes or the bright lights from the sparkles on the sheets will keep me awake.

Fortunately my sweetie was a good sport because his clothing was in the wash too giving him several nice sparkly pieces of clothing.

****Fast forward several years, we’re sitting in the doctor’s waiting room. As I cross my legs to get more comfortable, I spot it — a sparkle on my ankle. Now where did that rascal come from? I point it out to my sweetheart and we both started to giggle making those around us wonder if we might be dangerous or simply ‘off our rockers’.  ******

Moral of the story, joy and laughter are all around if we only open our eyes to see the sparkles of each day.


Gram use’ta say

Old Couple 3

“Senior citizens should be required to wear name tags,
so I’ll remember who I’m talking to.”



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