Am I the only one ….. who has been touched by time?

© By: Richard L. King
From the book Memories & Time

There’s nothing known to man that time doesn’t touch,
including dreams, relationships, memory’s and such.

Time is often a factor in the things we do or say
often it’s our teacher as we meander along our way.

Time can move mountains or it can alter streams,
it can be unforgiving as it steals most all your dreams.

Time might stoop your shoulders or maybe alter your walk,
it might slow your mind or make it difficult to talk.

Time will cause skin to wrinkle and could gray your hair
or make you go bald, though likely you’ll no longer care.

Memories of old joys might be taken away,
not wanting to leave, they simply cannot stay.

Time doesn’t allow anyone to enjoy a second take,
but it can zap your energy and all your bones will ache.

It will steal your memory refusing to treat you fair,
as you spend more and more of it, in your easy chair.

Time will always move forward, it can never move back
as it creates the trail, then obliterates the tracks.

But as it takes its toll and you approach your final days
may your life be filled with love and all sorts of things to praise.


Gramps use’ta say
R.L.King2012 #329
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About: Intelligence

“It’s never too late
to shut up & listen.”




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