Am I the Only One … who misses Service Stations?

By:  Donna Hale Chandler

gas stationDoes anyone even remember Service Stations? You know – gas stations. You pulled in, ran over a rubber hose making the bell ring and out came the Service Station Attendant. You roll down your window and say something like ‘Fill ‘er up.’ Or maybe ‘$5.00 worth of regular.’ Yes, $5.00 worth of regular went a long way when you were 16 with no place to really go except cruise around on Friday night.

While the gas was pumping into the tank, the young man would clean your windshield and your back window. If you popped the hood for him, he would also check your oil, show you the dip stick and let you know if you’re a ½ quart or quart low. Then he’d come back with that can of  Valvoline 10 w 30 and add the needed oil. If asked, he would check the air in that right tire that seemed a little low and bring the air hose over to fill it with the needed amount.

It was a service we evidently took for granted because I can remember when self-service gas stations started popping up here and there. My young, supposedly economically conscience self was appalled and voiced loudly to anyone who would listen that I would NOT be pumping my own gas. Think of the man who just lost his job so I could pump my own gas! He might have a family or he might be trying to put himself through school. I had all kinds of reasons for protesting self-service but of course progress arrived whether I approved or not.

I actually think of those same arguments when I am in a store with self-checkout. For a fleeting moment I wonder who has lost a job – someone with a family to feed or a student trying to go to school. But the thoughts vanish quickly because the line is shorter and moves faster in the self-checkout section. What happened to that idealist young person? Life – life happened.

Progress is arriving every day. Good? Bad? Each person decides for themself.


Gram use’ta say

old gal 1 (2)

“Never shop for groceries when you’re hungry.”



1 thought on “Am I the Only One … who misses Service Stations?”

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