Am I the only one ….. who dreams?

© By: Richard L. King
From the book Nice & Naughty

 His imagination, working overtime, conjures up a vision,
could it be a dream, or perhaps a premonition?

Watching from the shoreline, not a cloud in the sky,
reflections of the moon create a sparkle in her eye.

Waves crashing to the shore, she lets out a passionate sigh
slipping back into the shadows, each knowing precisely why.



……To the faintest mist of salty air, slowly he awakens,
lying there alone, could he have been mistaken?

Could a dream so beautiful, leave him this severely shaken,
punishment possibly,,, for the liberties his mind had taken?

An endless wave of florescence, not a cloud in the sky,
the full moon reflecting as he breathes a mournful sigh.

His imagination, working overtime, conjured up a vision,
was it all a dream, or perhaps a premonition?


Gramps use’ta say
©R.L.King2012 #402
Gramps 1 (8)
About: Life’s Lessons

“Ignorance ain’t something ya learn,
lots a folks jist come by it natural like.”


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