Am I the only one ….. who ever gets mystified?


© By: Richard L. King
From my book Memories & Time

Night time merges with morning,
or perhaps, the great beyond.
It’s midnight at the ball…

You’re at the crossroads,
betwixt the between.

…in that netherworld
where what is and what isn’t
seem to challenge what was,

…or even worse, what might have been.

Success is fleeting       … reality fades.
Time stands still   …and yet, somehow tomorrow is now yesterday.

Memories encompass you as common sense evades you
and recognition escapes,
yet,,,, realization is judicious.

Lessons and memories, things left unsaid,
…taunt you and haunt you, as they pass through your head.

Mystification prevails.


Gramps use’ta say
©R.L.King2012 #409

Gramps 1 (12)

About: Stupid Comments

 “Sometimes his mouth starts
before his brain does.”




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