Am I the Only One … who is thankful that we bear children when we are young?

heatherage2 001It’s true, if I became tasked with raising a child at the age I am now, it would not be pretty. As forgetful as I am, I may find that one day I’d loaded my groceries in the car and left the child behind in the cart – you know, like you do sometimes with a carton of soda. It’s also likely I wouldn’t have the energy for all the birthday parties, school events and sports. A perfect example of behavior that would likely bring on an aneurism today is explained below.

Our second child, Heather, was the picture of an angel. Big innocent blue eyes, blonde hair that she liked to wear in braids, and the sweetest smile you were ever likely to see. But behind that baby face, behind those big blue eyes beneath that pretty blonde hair, was a tiny little devil, just waiting for the right time to strike.

When she was three we found her on the roof of our home with her Pooh Bear tucked under her arm, singing and carrying on a conversation with Pooh. Terrified that she would fall or run from us, we talked her back inside, pushed a small chest of drawers under the window and removed the table she had used to stand on to get out of the window.

Not enough – she used the drawers of the chest as a ladder. Again terror – and thankfully no child abuse, even though it was certainly tempting. The window was nailed shut. Problem solved! At least THAT problem, on THAT day, but our little Heather would never be a boring child. Every day was an adventure, both for her AND FOR US!

Today she is a strong independent young woman and we laugh together when we remember some of the antics that nearly drove her parents over the edge.


Gram use’ta say

Old Lady 1

“Don’t sweat the small stuff.”



1 thought on “Am I the Only One … who is thankful that we bear children when we are young?”

  1. I understand, my son had at least 4 trips to the ER. It does appear that he is indestructible. Now if he would only quit smoking.


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