Am I the Only One … who stresses over the holidays

By Donna Hale Chandler

stressEach holiday season I tell myself that this year I won’t worry if I don’t get everything finished that I plan. I won’t worry if only a portion of the decorations are in place – less is more, right? I won’t worry if that last gift doesn’t get purchased – receivers should be happy with what they receive, right? I won’t worry that family and friends will enjoy themselves at our annual holiday get together – if they’re not enjoying themselves, they can leave or not even show up in the first place, right? I will not worry about having enough food. When it’s gone, guests just stop eating, right? I will not worry about picking a date that is convenient for everyone. If an invitee can’t attend, the party will go on, right?

Wrong! I WILL stress about every one of those things and probably add a few more worries to the list.

No matter how hard I try my holiday plans somehow go awry. I tell myself that no one notices other than me but each year I am disappointed with the holiday and each New Year’s Eve I make the very same New Year’s resolution that I made the year before. And I know that this year will be no different.

I WILL NOT STRESS OVER THINGS I CAN’T CONTOL. (Wish me good luck on that one.)



Gram use’ta say

Old Lady 5
“Love is more than words.
Love is action and attitude.”


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