AM I THE ONLY ONE … who would like to outlaw noisy shoes

By: Donna Hale Chandler

High HeelsI’m thinking of particularly high heels worn by women when they want to dress to impress. You may be confused as to why these would be considered ‘noisy shoes’. If so, let me ask you this, have you ever been so sick that you were hospitalized. Have you ever tried to rest in a hospital? Just about the time you doze off a cheerful nurse comes to draw blood or check vitals. This constant intrusion on your sleep may be annoying but we all know it’s necessary.

After a day of constant in and out by staff, it’s finally evening, getting dark outside. You turn down those bright hospital lights, close you door and try to drift off to dreamland. And that’s when you hear it — high heels walking down the hallway toward someone’s room. They are loud – click, click, click on the tiled floor. Your eyes are once again opened, awake, sleep interrupted.

At last the high heels seem to have reached their destination and it’s quiet once again. Lean back, relax, clear your mind, close your eyes, sleep is not far away. AND THERE IT IS AGAIN —- click, click, click — they are returning! You wonder about these women in the hospital hallway, in the high heeled shoes. Are they so clueless that they can’t fathom that the click, click, click is disturbing to the ailing patients or are high heels just naturally noisy to distraction.

Who invented high heels anyway? The person was obviously HEALTHY. Perhaps a warning label – “Not to be worn in hospital hallways” should be required.


Gram use’ta say

Old Lady 4

“You don’t marry your sweetie’s relatives,
but it’s a must that you get along with them.”




2 thoughts on “AM I THE ONLY ONE … who would like to outlaw noisy shoes”

  1. Good observation. The noisey shoes I don’t like are the ones that squeak or make fart noises when you walk. I don’t want to throw them out but don’t like to wear them either 😄


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