AM I THE ONLY ONE… who despises lousy tippers?

This is an article that I wrote a number of years ago, but over the last year or so, it’s become even more pertinent.  Prices of everything seem to have skyrocketed and it’s affecting everybody’s pocketbook.


Each fall in South Florida all the bars and restaurants begin to fill up as we are invaded by thousands of “Snowbirds.”   I’m not complaining, that’s a good thing, since our economy relies heavily upon the tourist trade.  Unfortunately, many people seem to think that leaving a decent tip is beneath them.   I’m not privy to their logic, but it seems as though they think, “I’m only going to be here for a few months, let the locals do the tipping.”  Or, perhaps they figure there are so many restaurants, for the short time that I’ll be here, “I’ll probably only eat in this one a couple times and likely I’ll have a different waitress, no need to leave a decent tip, she’ll never see me again.” 

Whatever the logic, it’s obvious that many people are lousy tippers and “snowbirds”  seem to lead the pack.  I’ve never worked in the service industry, so I’m speaking only from what I’ve witnessed, or have been told by waitress and bartending friends who do. It seems that many people are still living in the dark ages and believe that a 10% tip is respectable, when in fact in this day and age 15% to 20% is far more appropriate.  And for those of you who use a coupon, it’s proper to tip based upon the regular price, not the discounted price.

It seems that the slow economy has exaggerated this miserliness.  Many people seem to think that our wait staff are immune to the downturn, when in fact it is they who are most affected by it.  Perhaps they are unaware of the fact that here in Florida, nearly all waiters, waitresses and bartenders get paid well below the “normal” minimum wage and rely heavily upon tips to make a decent living.  No matter what the tipping customs are in the area you came from, here in paradise tipping less than 10% is insulting to your waiter.  If you received good service a proper tip should be closer to 20%.  

Folks, if you can still afford to winter in Paradise and go out to eat, you certainly should be able to afford to leave a decent tip.  Don’t insult our wait staff by leaving a lousy one.  

Let me be a little clearer on that. If you can’t afford to tip properly,,,, STAY HOME!!!  Save up until you can, or go to the fast-food places where a proper tip is not expected. Don’t take up the time or our hardworking waiters, waitresses and bartenders if you’re not willing to compensate them properly.  The time they waste taking care of non-tippers is time they could be spending on people more deserving of their attention.  Just because you’re traveling and won’t be eating here again, don’t be a jerk. Leave a proper tip.


Gramps use’ta say
©R.L.King2012 #240

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