AM I THE ONLY ONE… who thinks our veterans deserve more?

MEMORIAL DAY ©R.L.King – May 28, 2012

Memorial Day approaches as soldiers’ step to the fore, we’ll celebrate their service, just as many times before. We’ll thank them for their gift, because of them, freedom reigns, maybe not for the entire world, but at least they’re making gains.

Today we’ll honor those lost, for a few moments we’ll remember, then we’ll put the memories away until a day in mid-November. We’ll take their gift for granted at least til Veterans Day, but their gift is all encompassing in nearly every single way.

Freedom, bought and paid for by the blood of brave soldiers, with the fate of the entire world thrust upon their shoulders. 365 days a year our soldiers pay the price, yet according to our calendar we honor them only twice.

We need to tell them thank you more than just two days a year and show more appreciation for the way they’ve calmed our fear. It’s nice we have this day to honor their sacrifice, but if we honored them every day it would be 365 times as nice.


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