AM I THE ONLY ONE… whose cat hates them?

Dee Dee (rescued from the streets August, 2019 – adopted January 2020

A couple years ago Sweetie brought home a cat from the rescue shelter. She’s always felt the need to look after those less fortunate, so when she decided we should have a cat, she didn’t consider anything other than a rescue cat.

When the Humane Society rescued her, she had been living under a bridge and was about ready to drop a litter of little ones.  Course, she’d already had the litter and they’d all been weened and adopted by the time Sweetie saw her.  Something about this black and white cat touched Sweetie’s heart and she brought her home.

We had been discussing getting a cat for quite some time, but it came as a bit of a surprise to me when she magically appeared.  We live in a condo and pets are not allowed, but Sweetie had applied for and had been granted permission to have a comfort animal.  Anyway, after about a week of tossing around names, we settled on naming our new cat DeeDee.

Sweetie had been warned that DeeDee  should be the only pet in our home.  Apparently, she had shown a penchant for fighting with other cats, however, we were concerned that she might get lonely or bored, so over the first few days, Sweetie began to supply her with all kinds of toys and bought her a nice cat tree which we parked right in front of the patio door, so she’d be able to see what was going on outside. 

We also installed a pet door to allow her access to the patio.  She immediately figured out how the pet door worked and it was obvious that she absolutely loved it.  Each day she’d spend hours out on the patio guarding her new kingdom.  Unfortunately, she felt that the geckos that frequently trapse across our screens didn’t belong there.  This was her kingdom after all, so each time she’d see one, she’d leap onto the screen and chase it away.  Bad news for the geckos, but even worse news for our screens. 

Over time, DeeDee came to realize that when the Master shouts NO! it means that she is doing something that she shouldn’t.  Course, she seems to have a short memory span and the next time she’d spot a gecko, up the screen she’d go after it.  Apparently, cats have a belief that they own exclusive rights to their kingdom.

Owning a cat comes with many challenges.  Well, thinking about that, maybe “owning” is the wrong term.  DeeDee has made it clear to us that we don’t own her.  In fact, sometimes it seems that she doesn’t even like us.  At times she can be so sweet and loveable, but she never becomes cuddly.  She likes to have you scratch her head, but don’t touch her tummy and no amount of begging will get her to sit in your lap. 

Occasionally, when Sweetie has spent too much time on her computer, ignoring DeeDee, she’ll come over to her and lie down beside her Mamma.  We take that to mean that she wants a little attention and Sweetie will brush her for a few minutes.  Not for long though.  Enough is enough!

She likes to be in the same room we’re in, but not too close to us, unless it’s time for a treat. Then you’re her best friend.  Every morning when it’s about time for us to get out of bed, she’ll come in to wake us.  She has a real soft meow, almost like a whisper, when she’s trying to wake us up.  She’ll repeat that whispery meow a few times and if we ignore her, she’ll jump up on the bed and lie down on my chest or walk back and forth on us. 

It seems as though she might want a little attention, but then of course, her automatic feeder drops her food at about that same time, so maybe she’s just trying to tell us it’s time for her to eat.  I guess that’s probably my fault, because when we first got that automatic feeder, whenever it was time for her evening feeding, I’d say, “Get Ready” several times as I walked her to the feeder at exactly the time it was set to drop her food.  Now, at her meal time, she’ll pester me with her sweet little meow’s, telling me that it’s feeding time.  I think maybe I’ve told her to “get ready” so many times that she thinks that’s what makes her food drop.  Anyway, nearly all the time, I’d get up from my easy chair to escort her to the food dish just as it was time for the food to miraculously appear.  Now all I have to do is say “get ready” and she’ll take off to the food dispenser.

Sweetie and I always try to pause for a “happy hour” cocktail at about 5:00 each afternoon.  When we have our little treat, DeeDee will get a little treat of her own.  It didn’t take her long to figure that out, so now she knows when it’s time for happy hour treat and if we’re running late, she’s sure to let us know.

DeeDee also gets a little treat whenever Sweetie comes home after being away, even if it’s only been an hour or so.  As soon as she hears Sweetie touch the door handle, no matter what she’s doing, she’ll jump up and greet her at the door.  If she meow’s hello, Mama gives her a treat, but only if she says hello and only if she sits. 

She also knows when it’s Sweetie’s bedtime, because she always gets a night time snack before Mamma goes to bed.  If she’s still out on the patio at bedtime, she’ll be sitting there watching for Mamma to get up from her chair.  At that first move, she comes bursting through the pet door to get that treat.

At times I get to thinking that she loves us, but then there are times when you walk by her and she’ll reach out and swat at you.  It is her kingdom, you know.

Visit DeeDee’s twitter @DeeDee35021778

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