AM I THE ONLY ONE . . .  who has survived the death of a spouse?

©By: R.L.KingFrom the book Memories & Time ©2017

Life isn’t a bed of roses, yet it surely has lots of thorns,
but when troubled times find him, she shields him from the storms.

She always keeps him grounded, always knows the score,
constantly pushing him to his best, she’s the one he most adores.

She’s his mirror image, in all they say and do,
when it’s on the tip of his tongue, she’s already thought it through.

Always a step ahead, ready with that needed cheer,
when his world is most befuddled, her thinking is always clear.

She’s his rock of “Gibraltar,” hers are his “Good Hands,”
his umbrella from the unwanted, she always understands.

She thinks what he’s thinking, says what he wants to hear,
always knows where he’s coming from, and calms his greatest fears.

She’s become his lifeline, his shelter from the storm.
She’s his special lady,    ,,,his rose,,, without the thorns…


Gramps use’ta say
R.L.King2012 #274

About: Partners

“Any successful paring…
must be based upon compromise.”


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