AM I THE ONLY ONE . . . who finds himself closer to the end than to the beginning?

The following poem is one I wrote a few years ago. After having lived alone for a good many years, and having dated a number of different ladies, I felt that I had finally met a keeper. Oh, I’d dated some real nice ladies, but it always seemed that the match wasn’t a perfect fit. Then she came into my life. She wasn’t insisting that we have a child, she wasn’t insisting that we get married. She was secure in her being, she was close to my age, and we had a lot in common and a lot of common interests. It just seemed to fit. Nearly fourteen years later, we’re still together, and like I said, she’s a keeper.

©By: R.L.KingFrom the book Memories & Time ©2017

My life is in the latter stages, closer to dusk than dawn,
but I’ve found a special lady,,,, willing to tag along.

She’s the first I didn’t measure, never comparing her to you,
but she’s the first to really complete me,,, in all we say or do.

We know our days are numbered; time is moving really fast.
We’ve not much left to accomplish, careers are in our past.

Seldom do we party; our life is more sedate,
but we’ve handled all the things, life has heaped upon our plate.

Oh, we haven’t given up on life, we still have goals in place, 
they’re just not so pressing, and we’ve kinda slowed the pace.

We’re so glad we found each other, having lost our lifelong mates.
I’d say we’re both content…. our twilight years are going great.

Life is now in the latter stages, closer to dusk than dawn,
years ago I found a special lady,,,, willing to tag along.


Gramps use’ta say
R.L.King2012 #279

About: Aging

“We all reach a point
when we know our way around……

but more ’an likely by then,
…we ain’t goin anywhere.”


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