AM I THE ONLY ONE . . .  who has struggled to find love?

For a good many years, I was alone and I often spent my evenings writing.  Nothing profound and for the most part nothing that I ever planned to share with anyone.  I’d turn on the stereo and just be sitting there at my computer, with a glass of wine jotting down my thoughts.

Sometimes I’d come up with an idea and as I’d start getting the thoughts written down, often they weren’t in any semblance of order.  I love my computer in those instances, because it’s so easy to cut, paste and rearrange your thoughts as you go along.  

Anyway, on this one particular evening I was in somewhat of a melancholy mood and although I don’t recall the artist or the name of the old song that was playing all those years ago, there is a line in it that says:  “Your eyes have a mist from the smoke of a distant fire.”

As I sat there, probably on my 2nd or 3rd glass of wine, I felt the inspiration to write and  the following poem was the end result.

©By: R.L.King

From the book Memories & Time ©2017

Misty eyes, life expires
broken heart, loves desires

Move along, love is missed
seeking now, you reminisce

Another look, another dance
a smiling face, a second chance

Time passes, companion tried
kindly heart, love denied

Move again, evade the miss
seeking now, newfound bliss

Additional look, another chance
 lots of fun, no romance

Tangled sheets, pillow talk
not a fit, take a walk

Multiple looks, chances taken
wishful thinking, sadly mistaken

False hope, fresh starts
broken promises, damaged hearts

Senior years, seeking still
time is short, low on will

Computer pop-up, experiment tried
there she was, unable to hide

Years later, still a unit
the songs a hit, no need to tune it

Misty eyes, distant fires
refurbished heart, loves desires


Sometime after writing the above poem, I followed it up with this one.

©By: R.L.King
From the book Memories & Time ©2017

My best days are behind me,
those remaining number few.
But the time that I have left,
I’ll spend with someone new.

Life is in my rearview mirror,
I’ve watched as it passed by.
But lately, I’m pleased to say,
I’ve met the apple of my eye.

We feel our days are numbered,
but know that we’ve been blessed.
Each with a treasured partner,
as we face life’s final tests.


Gramps use’ta say
©R.L.King2012 #227

About: Goals

Ya only need three goals.

 1 – Be the best ya can be.
2 – Know the difference twixt right-n-wrong.
3 – Always do right.


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