AM I THE ONLY ONE . . . who thinks about stupid things every now and then?

A couple years ago I posted an item on this site about STANDING OVATIONS, asking shouldn’t they be reserved for only the very best?

Recently, as we generally do, my sweetie and I were watching American Idle.  Several of the performers had been getting standing ovations from the panel of judges and after a fashion, it came across as cheapened or maybe even as disingenuous because after they had done it so many times, you could see the three of them looking at one another, trying to decide if they should stand or not. There were times, it seemed almost reluctantly, all three would stand and continue to applaud.  Yet, other times, it seemed as though the judges had been influenced by the audience to partake in the standing ovation. 

Looking at it pessimistically, I wondered, could this just be another way for the judges to prejudice our vote for the contestants they are in favor of, or against the ones they are not?  That’s likely a discussion for another time, but the exercise serves as support of my contention that too many standing ovations serve to deflate the value of them all.

Anyway, it got me to thinking about the value of a standing O and I recalled having written that article.  It got me to wondering, are we a nation of sheep, blindly following the leaders?  When we allow a small minority of people to get everyone on their feet applauding minimal accomplishments, are we not guilty of dimming the spotlight shinning on those more deserving?

Over the years I’ve watched a good many awards shows for the music or movie industry.  Standing ovations run rampant.  You’ll see a few people stand, then more and as it spreads you can often see by the looks on people’s faces seemingly saying, “Remind me again, why are we standing?”  I ask again, has it gotten to the point where simply applauding without standing can be taken as an insult?


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