AM I THE ONLY ONE . . . who still enjoys reading a good book? IV

This excerpt is from book 4 in the Crow’s Lake series, titled THE CROWS.


In the late 1890’s eighteen-year-old Vern Johnson set out for the gold fields hoping to find enough gold to buy himself the ranch he had always dreamed of owning.  Long before he reached the gold fields, he encountered Pappy Adams who was in dire straits and, but for the ministering’s of Vern, would surely have perished out there on a deserted mountain trail. 

As fortuitous as that was for Pappy it was even more so for Vern because Pappy had 17 years of experience in the gold fields and had already found an abundance of gold.  During the process of his recuperation, Pappy and Vern became the best of friends and full-time partners, sharing their findings equally.

Flashing forward 10 years we find our hero, Vern, now owning that dreamed-about ranch and prospering nicely.  His ranch contains 5.5 sections totaling 3520 acres.  Not large by any stretch of the imagination, but far more than he had ever dreamed of owning and own it he did, lock, stock and barrel. Free & clear. He didn’t owe anybody one red cent. 

The ranch boasted one of the largest, most sturdily built homes in all of the west.  Built from field stones picked up from the rocky terrain of the surrounding area, this two-story house was designed to withstand the attacks of the native Americans prevalent in the region in the mid 1800’s.

By the time Vern came to own the ranch the Indian troubles were a thing of the past, but the design of the house still made it one of the most desirable in the region.… and the land was even more desirable. 

There were numerous streams running through the property making water for the animals always there for the taking.  Up in one of the higher pastures there was even a small spring-fed lake, approximately 15 acres in size and very deep. All in all, there was never any fear of a water shortage, even during the driest of times.

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