AM I THE ONLY ONE . . . who still enjoys reading a good book? III

Sorry about that, it looks like I screwed up and posted the same item twice.  I trashed the second one to post this excerpt from book 3 in the Crow’s Lake series, titled BEFORE THE CROWS FLY


It’s well past the days of the gold rush, but there are still prospectors and Pappy is one of the more successful ones.  He hasn’t become a millionaire, but by his standards he’s a wealthy man.  Doesn’t matter.  He has nothing to spend it on and no desire to live the kind of life that his wealth could afford him, so he just keeps right on digging. 

His is a simple life.  Long as there is stew in his pot and wood for his fire, he’s a happy camper.  And the gold just keeps accumulating.   Truth be known, he’s not sure just what his many pouches of gold are worth, but he knows it’s going to take more than one trip to get it all hauled to the assay office.  He was dreading that first trip.  Soon as he hauled in that first load, everyone within 100 miles would think that he’d hit the mother lode.  He wasn’t lookin forward to the problems that could bring.

His place was well hidden, but there ain’t no damn way you can keep it a secret once you haul in that first load.  He’d contemplated getting himself a partner or two to help hold off the riff-raff that would come his way once word got out.  Trouble with that idea was there ain’t no damn way you can trust a partner, let alone two of them when there’s that much gold involved.

He’d been worrying on those concerns for several years now as he kept on digging and stashing more and more gold in his various hiding places.  He hadn’t figured on keeping it all in one place, just in case some damn jasper got lucky enough to find his stash.

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Gramps use’ta say
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Quoting unknown:
“No matter what you’re doing,
the more you do it,  
the better you get at it.”


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