Am I the only one……. who’s ever had to endure a hurricane?

With the arrival of hurricane season, I felt it might be appropriate to bring out this poem from a few years back.  It’s probably more timely for those of us in the deep south.

©By: Richard L. King
From the book Memories & Time

Batten down the hatches, preparin for the storm,
durin hurricane season in the south, often that’s our norm.

Bein near the water has many nice rewards,
but when a storm’s a comin, we cover up with boards.

Head to the grocery store, stock up for your needs,
lots of canned goods and things you might want to read.

Batteries for our radios, portable fans and our lights,
we’ll need them to get us through all those powerless nights.

Extra bags of charcoal, plenty of beer and wine,
gas up the vehicles, hurry now, get into the line.

Get extra ice for those days after the storm
you’ll need it for the beer,,, wine you can always drink warm.

Lay in extra water, needed for flushing the toilet
and some of the bottled kind, so you won’t have to boil it.

You may not need extra supplies, hopefully you won’t,
but needin and not havin, is most definitely a don’t.

Neighbors help each other, but it ain’t like charity,
I’ll do what I can for you; you do the same for me.

After the storm passes the power’s bound to be out,
you’ll be cookin with charcoal, like neighbors all about.

The lucky ones with generators, had a better plan,
but they’ll charge your phone and do whatever else they can.

You’ll be wet and dirty when the weather gets crappy,
but preparation helps your chances of coming out of it happy.

(…. As does plenty of beer & wine.)


Gramps use’ta say
©R.L.King2012 #319
Gramps 1 (4)
Casual Sex

“You cain’t un-say and she cain’t un-hear,
so be careful of the words you whisper in her ear.”


From The Hints Book Almanac II
For today’s tip, we’ll be you your home office…

 HOME/OFFICE – Bill payingWrite the due date on the back of return envelopes that accompany bills. Place the envelopes in sequential order in a clip then pay them a week before they’re due.   Clean your keyboard, phone, microphone Use a squeeze-ketchup bottle top with your shop-vac to clean your keyboard, phone, microphone or other nook on an electronic device. ComputerWhen trying to read small print, (email, internet or word processor, etc.) it’s very useful if you hold down the Ctrl key on your key board and then turn the small wheel in the middle of your mouse away from you or towards you, the print size will change – it will either get larger or smaller, depending on which way you turn the wheel. I absolutely love this and use it all of the time. Another Computer suggestionWhen cleaning your computer or TV screen, spray the cleaner onto a soft cloth and then wipe the screen. Never spray directly on to the glass, the cleaner may drip down the screen and damage the components. ComputerWhen you want to save an email, but you want to “clean” it up first, forward it to yourself. Before you hit send, you can make changes. Computer software – Can’t afford Microsoft Word®? “Open Office” is much the same and it’s free, plus it’s said to have more features.




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