Am I the only one….. who’s getting up in years?

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©By: Richard L. King
From the book Memories & Time

Like the shifting sands of the sea, at the whim of incoming tide,
our lives are ever changing, as are the rules by which we abide.

The years just keep on coming, like the waves upon the shore,
each with the anticipation, there could be something more.

It might be a trove of pleasure, as they follow one another,
or it could become unbearable, as more secrets they uncover.

Yet, always they keep coming, shifting dreams like sand,
constantly changing landscapes, creating obstacles to the plan.

Somewhere in those words lie lessons you might desire,
passing years can be great teachers if you allow them to inspire.

 “Like the shifting sands of the sea, at the whim of incoming tide,
our lives are ever changing, as are the rules by which we abide.”

 Find your wave….


Gramps use’ta say
R.L.King2012 #322

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About: Actin right

Don’t do nothing durin the day
that’ll keep you up durin the night.”


From The Hints Book Almanac II
More about cleaning your kitchen appliances

 CLEANING/KITCHEN – Refrigerators – To clean & sanitize the inside if your refrigerator, sprinkle a little salt and a little baking soda on a damp sponge and wipe it down. To clean, brighten and remove embedded strong odors in refrigerators, non-abrasive toothpaste helps without the scratching properties of most household cleansers. Apply liberally with a sponge or rag and scrub until stains disappear. Rinse with a clean rag and warm water.   Or you can clean and deodorize the inside of your refrigerator by wiping it down with a cloth wet with a solution of 1 tablespoon Borax and 1 quart of warm water. Rinse with cold water. To dust under your refrigerator, duct tape an old sock to the end of a yard stick. If you live in the north, the brush on the other end of your car’s ice scraper is just the right size for getting under your refrigerator and/or dusting the coils on the back.



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