Am I the Only One … who wonders, “Is Big Brother watching me?”

watchingWe live in a time of fascinating technology. We’re not quite equal to The Jetson’s with flying cars but what we do have is amazing. Smartphones alone have become a necessity in most homes. What did we do when didn’t have access to the thousands of apps that enhance our lives? With a simple command to Alexa we turn on a light or a fan or even our TV without moving a muscle. Doorbells will video anyone walking near the door.

When we search our phone or ask Alexa questions, is Big Brother taking note? Someone is for sure. Have you ever searched for the price of an item on line and then the next time you check your Facebook page, up pops an advertisement for that exact item? It certainly can be disconcerting to us older folks and we wonder, “Is this a good thing or a bad thing?”

Recently a county deputy gave a presentation to our community on safety and security. One especially interesting portion of his talk explained that our county sheriffs’ department has partnered with the Ring Doorbell Company. If a crime occurs in our neighborhood, a deputy will contact all of the nearby neighbors with Ring Doorbells and ask permission to view their Ring video. Once permission is granted a call by the deputy to ‘Ring’ opens up ‘The Cloud’ and law enforcement can see everyone who passed near our doors, helping them to identify suspects that were in the area at the time of the crime.

Is Big Brother watching? Particularly in the case just mentioned it is definitely a GOOD thing.


Gram use’ta say

old gal 4

“A ringing phone often brings news, good or bad,
that can change your life forever.”





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