Am I the only one ….. who occasionally marvels at the adult his child has become?

© By: Richard L. King
From my book Memories & Time

I was there when you were conceived
and as you took your very first breath
I watched.

When you started to crawl,
I was watching.

I watched your first steps
and when you spoke your first words,
I was listening.

As you discarded the training wheels
from your first bike,
I watched

As you boarded your first school bus,
picked out your first baseball glove,
learned to catch,,, and throw
and when you played your first peewee game.
I watched.

Your first football practice,
first game,  last game
and all the games in between,
I watched.

When you crossed the stage
to receive your diploma,
with great pride,
I watched.

When you married,
became a military man
and had children,
though I was in the wings,
still I watched.

I watched as we buried your mom,
….then your brother.

Never,,, have I been more proud of being your father.

But recently, as your daughters
performed together, publicly,
for the very first time,,,
and we all watched,,,,,

as tears of pride filled your eyes,
….I smiled,,,,

and once again,
with great pride of my own,

…I watched.


Gramps use’ta say
©R.L.King2012 #206
Gramps 1 (3)
About: Attitude

  “A great attitude
makes big problems much smaller
…and small blessings much bigger.”



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