Am I the Only One … who loses their car in the parking lot?

By:  Donna Hale Chandler

Parking Space NumberEarlier I touched on all the lists that I make, only to lose them – or have them taken by the thieving List Gremlin.  Lists are not the only thing I can easily lose.  I can even manage to, at times, lose my car.

Not too long ago, we flew from Florida to Michigan to visit family.  We drove our car to the air port long-term parking lot.  As always the lot was close to full and finding a parking space meant driving up one floor after another.  After several minutes we finally pulled into a spot.

Knowing how easily I forget things, as we were preparing to exit the car and gather our luggage, I decided to write down the floor and parking space number so when we returned the next week, we wouldn’t have to search each floor for a white Ford Taurus.  (By the way – there are HUNDREDS of them and they all seem to be in the parking lot that I’m searching at the time.)  It took a few more minutes to dig around in by beach-bag-size purse to find a pen and a scrap of paper, all the while my sweetheart is waiting patiently.  The number of the floor was on a big post right in front of the car but I had to get out of the car and look at the pavement to get the space number.

Feeling a bit of pride at remembering to make this record, I checked my note to make sure it was correct and then wondered where to put it so it wouldn’t disappear, someplace that would be safe, someplace where it wouldn’t get lost.  “I know,” I thought to myself, “I’ll put it in the car’s cup-holder between the front seats.”

I know, I know, but it made perfect sense at the time.  AND I didn’t even realize my mistake until we returned, collected our luggage at Baggage Claim and headed toward the parking lot.  Now where did I put that note telling me where my car is parked?  Oh yeah, IT’S IN THE CAR.  (I’m so fortunate to have a patient sweetheart.)


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