Am I the only one ….. who feels our unsung heroes deserve more?


©  By: Richard L. King

To those who’ve fought the enemy and lived to come back home,
those who’ll spend their years reliving the horrors they have known.

To those who slept in foxholes and those who drove the tanks,
those who protect our freedoms ….to you we give our thanks.

To those who chase the criminals or pursue a speeding car,
who watch over us each day, yet we know not who you are.

To those who drive the fire trucks and run in to put out the flames,
who risk your lives each day, though we seldom know your names.

To those who drive the ambulance or care for the infirmed
…those who make a difference, our respect you all have earned.

To you, our unsung heroes …and to all of your alums,
as your dedication we applaud we shall all have upturned thumbs.

Here’s to you.


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 About: Angry Women

 “They’s times they ain’t much ya can say
…that ain’t wrong.”



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