AM I THE ONLY ONE . . . who still enjoys reading a good book? V

This excerpt is from book 5 in our Crow’s Lake series, titled THE CROWS FINALE.


The Winchell twins, Pat (Butch) and Mike had worked for Vern Johnson on the Circle J ranch for nearly eight years.  Now the two of them were contemplating a change.

It came as no surprise.  Since their childhood days they had dreamed of one day owning a cattle ranch as partners and, in fact, they had made those wishes known to Vern from day one of their employment. 

That day had finally arrived.

Chapter One

Booming thunder was rolling over the distant mountains and they could see the veils of rain hanging down from the gloomy black clouds.  The wind was bringing it this way and although it hadn’t yet reached them, they knew it wouldn’t be long.  In unison they took their ponchos from their bedrolls and slipped them on in preparation for the impending downpour.  They were a good three hours ride from the house and unless they found some sort of cover, they were about to be drenched.

As they continued to study the approaching storm and considered their options, they decided to head for the Double D. ranch.  They were a mere half hour ride from it and they figured they could reach it before they were hit by the full force of the storm.  Heading off in the direction of the ranch, they came to a big rock formation and as they rounded it, they could see the out buildings of the Double D in the distance.  Pat noticed an overhang protruding out from the formation that was large enough to allow them and their horses to get under cover.  They quickly guided their horses under it and dismounted.   Figuring that they’d be at least several hours waiting out the storm, they removed the saddles from their horses.  One of them built a quick fire in a circle of rocks that had seen numerous fires in the past while the other filled the coffee pot from his canteen and placed it on a flat rock near the fire to heat.

Today was twins, Mike and Pat Winchell’s 25th birthday.  Since they were seventeen-year-old high school seniors they had worked for Vern Johnson on his ranch.  Vern, with his partner Pappy, had taught them everything they knew about ranching.

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