AM I THE ONLY ONE . . . who has ever suffered from back pain?

I injured my back while changing a tire as a 17-year-old high school student.  For years I went from one chiropractor to another, seeking relief from the pain. Sometimes you’d get a little relief and you’d be able to manage.  Sometimes, quite a bit of relief.

But never a cure.

I’m now well into my seventy’s and it’s been 60 years since I injured my back.  About 6 years ago, after years of urging from my good friend Judy, I went to an orthopedic surgeon to see if there was anything that could be done about that dreadful pain. 

Suffice it to say, there was, and he began treating me. For a couple years, he’d have me come in every three months and inject something in my spinal column. It was painful, but tolerable, and I’d feel almost immediate relief. After about a year of those treatments however, they began to be less and less effective.

Because I had always worried about being paralyzed if something went wrong, it took him another year, but finally, I he talked me into having spinal fusion surgery. He convinced me that paralysis was a very remote possibility and that surgery would vastly improve my life. I’m pleased to say that said surgery has helped considerably.

However, back in the days leading up to that procedure, there were times when I went through a living hell.  It seemed that everything you do, involved movement in your back.  You can’t even lift a fork to your mouth without moving muscles in your back and aggravating that awful pain.

Later in life,  although I cannot confirm or deny it, there might have been times during those nights of severe pain, when I might have considered self medicating. Not often, but now and then, as I spent many a lonely evening at my computer, writing. 

The following was the result of one of those evenings.

©By:  Richard L. King
From the book Memories & Time

Maybe there’s are questions about the life he lives,
but maybe once the pain is gone, he’ll have much more to give.

Maybe a snifter of Lady Red, or maybe a pull off his glass bowl,
will ease the aching in his lower back, and the hurt within his soul.

Maybe he’ll study the stars, or maybe watch the game,
maybe whatever he does, he won’t be feeling any pain.

Maybe he’ll listen to music, maybe crank up the sound,
or maybe he’ll write a while, something real profound.

Maybe his best creations, come after the infrequent toke,
though he won’t do anything hard, maybe he might smoke.

The evening is his alone, as are any memories he might make,
for he’d never leave the house, after he partakes.

Maybe there’s are questions about the life he lives,
but maybe once the pain is gone, he’ll have much more to give.


Gramps use’ta say
© By: R.L.King 2012 #253

About: Booze

“A couple shots an you’ll be brilliant
an a couple more’ll make her beautiful.”


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