Am I the only one….. who gets melancholy about the old days from time to time?

zzzzz - Temp photoTHE GOOD OLD DAYS
©By: Richard L. King
From the book Memories & Time

Memories from the past, rarely dead and gone,
keep comin back, in the words of country songs.

lots of those memories, truly weren’t that great,
some things from those days, he didn’t really appreciate.

Yes, some of the more fond memories, he misses a lot,
but that old two hole crapper, ain’t a fond one he’s got.

Then the Sears catalog, served its most valued purpose,
though not the glossy pages, they were next to worthless.

We couldn’t afford to buy the things we saw in its pages
cause other bills ate up most of our “Old Man’s” wages.

He don’t miss that old well, where they pumped their water
or the electric heater they used, to make the water hotter.

He don’t miss the galvanized tub, where they took their bathes,
six of them, but only one tub, you can do the math.

He don’t miss cuttin wood, nor splittin it either,
don’t miss carryin it in, he never caught that fever.

He don’t miss killin chickens, to put food on the table,
or pickin their stinkin feathers, soon as he was able.

He don’t miss hand me downs, coats two sizes too big,
or that old home brew, but he’d sure like one more swig.

He don’t miss hayin season, pants with the knees all worn
and he don’t miss mendin the fence nor the shockin of corn.

He don’t miss sloppin hogs or diggin taters,
don’t miss pickin pickles, or cannin all those tamaters.

His memories of the old days, are really very chancy,
much about those days, never quite caught his fancy.


Gramps use’ta say
R.L.King2012 #326

Grampy1 (3)
About: Education

 It’s a proven fact,
you learn much faster
with your mouth shut.”


From The Hints Book Almanac II
©R. L. King & Donna Hale Chandler

AUTOMOTIVE HINTS Door protection – Use one of those little floaty noodles from the swimming pool to protect your car door in your garage. Slice it down the middle and glue it to the wall where the door normally would strike when opened too widely.



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