Am I the only One … who realizes that it’s better to listen than speak too quickly?

Beauty ShopI know I’ve mentioned before that Little Miss Chatterbox, The Champion Questioner, was our very own second (and last) born child. The last question we discussed here was her concern for ‘handicapped cars.’ Some questions, however, could be more jolting. For example: Her dad and I were sitting in the family room one evening, each with a section of the newspaper. It was quiet, it was peaceful, but not for long. Into the room bounds Heather and up onto the couch next to me, “Mom, Mom, Mom.” (Every child knows that Moms don’t answer unless you say their name at least 3 times in a row.)

“Yes Heather.” I answered as I continued to read the article that had caught my attention.

“I have a question.”

“Ok, Heather,” I put down the paper, knowing I may never finish that article, “what do you want to know.”

“What is a blow job?”

I think my husband had a small convulsion because out of the corner of my eye, I saw the newspaper that he held in front of his face shake but to give him credit, he never lowered it an inch and stayed safely behind that flimsy paper barrier.

When I could breathe, I looked at our kindergartener and said, “Why would you want to know that, Heather?”

“Because, Mom, Jennifer went to the beauty shop and she got a blow job and her hair looks really cute so I want to know what it is so you can take me to the beauty shop and get a blow job for me too.”

When she paused, I said, “I think you mean Blow Dry, don’t you?”

“Yeah, isn’t that what I said? That’s what I want, a brow dry. What is it? Can I get one? Can I Mom?”

“A BLOW DRY just means that the beautician uses a blow dryer to dry your hair after she’s washed it. And yes, you can have a BLOW DRY the next time we go for a haircut.”

That brought about a big hug and off she dashed, temporarily on to some other quest.

When I was sure she couldn’t hear, I asked my husband, “Are you still alive and well over?”

All I heard was a grunt….. COWARD! ………….He’s getting the next question!

Of course this story has a moral: LISTEN before you speak or you may end up giving TMI.


Gram use’ta say

Old Couple 5

“You’ll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.”



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