Am I the Only One . . . who expects common sense from pet owners?

drooling dogI am definitely an ‘animal person’. Three of my grandchildren have fur, four legs and a tail. They are treated like members of the family. And as a grandchild they are expected to behave. Parents teach children manners (or at least they should) so why not this family member.

Recently we were having dinner at a restaurant that provided outdoor seating. We had just placed our beverage order when two gentlemen (?) were seated at a nearby table with two rather large dogs. Number 1 complaint, the dogs barked at EVERYTHING. Number 2 complaint, server stopped to pet the dogs. Did she go inside and wash her hands afterward – doubtful. Number 3 complaint, the leash on one of the dogs was long enough for him to come to our table and lay his drooling snout on the arm of a member of our party.

At that point the dog owner was asked, by our friend with the slobbery arm, to please keep the dog at their table. To his credit the dog owner complied but seemed surprised that we were not as enamored with his lumbering ball of hair as he was.

A different time, a different day, we were again seated outdoors at a restaurant. After all we live in Florida; we should enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. A young couple came in as we were eating with a tiny little pooch that they actually picked up and SAT ON THE TABLE. Yes, it was small but it was still a dog and it still felt it necessary to sniff all around the surface plus the condiments leaving behind wet doggie nose prints before it stretched out for a little snooze.

The examples of poor parenting could go on and on. The poor dogs are just being dogs. It’s the doggie mommy and daddy that need a good slap up the side of their head. We love our life in this warm climate but there are drawbacks, such as pet owners who think that everyone should share the same pet germs, pet hair, pet drool and pet misbehavior that they do. NOT SO.

If Fido is truly a member of your family, teach him to be polite and don’t try to inflict him on everyone within leash distance. Just use some common sense, PLEASE.


Gram use’ta say

old gal 4

“Don’t judge people by their appearance.
They might be as ugly as home-made soap,
but still as beautiful as a rainbow on the inside.”



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