Am I the only one…. who has experienced melancholy moments from time to time?

© By Richard L. King
From my book: Nice & Naughty

Sitting on the balcony, enjoying the suns last rays,
fending off the melancholy revealed in recent days.

The evening settles in over a glass of favored brew,
love songs on the stereo bring a romantic thought or two.

The sun has lost its glory, yet the sky is still ablaze,
peering out across the water, through the purple haze.

Waves gently crashing, the moon begins to rise,
Mother Nature’s beauty unfolds before his eyes.

The waves are iridescent as darkness now prevails
and a sailor in the bay at long last drops his sails.

Mesmerizing beauty, music created by sea and sand,
lonely thoughts triumph, not precisely as he planned.

Florescence catches the eye as waves gently roll ashore,
time is not their enemy they’ll continue evermore.

Much like any campfire draws attention to the flame,
these psychedelic waves act pretty much the same.

The moon, in all its glory, now lights up the cloudless sky,
she’s not here with him and still he questions, why?

Alone on this balcony, long after the suns last rays,
a melancholy moon experienced so often in recent days.


Gramps use’ta say
©R.L.King2012 #411
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About: Common Sense

 “Unfortunately, common sense
jist ain’t all that common anymore.”

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