Am I the only one…. who has trouble remembering what day of the week it is?

By: Richard L. King

Since I retired every day is Saturday…. Well, at least it seems that way.   I’ll wake up in the morning and begin to wonder just what do I have to do today, then I’ll begin to wonder what the hell day is it? It used to be that I could keep track of the day of the week by the date on my newspaper, but I now get my news over the internet so I don’t take a newspaper anymore. As a result I have to be a little more cunning.

A friend and I were discussing this recently. He just moved to a different community and ever since the move he’s having the same problem. Where he used to live he could see our clubhouse from his front window and every Wednesday they would put out a big sign saying BINGO TONIGHT. Well, my friend always knew when it was Wednesday because of the sign. When I take my morning walk I walk right past that sign so I always know when it’s Wednesday too.

Then on Thursdays the maintenance crew comes in to mow all of our lawns. So my friend said he always knew when it was Thursday because, “all the Mexican’s show up.” That’s probably not politically correct, but my friend doesn’t really give a damn. He’s an ex-cop from New York City and to be honest, he doesn’t give a damn about much of anything.

He and I play poker with some of our buddies every Monday and Friday night and I look forward to it so much that I just always seem to automatically know when it’s Monday or Friday. Saturday this time of the year is college football day so, at least during football season, I always know what day is Saturday and come Sunday about 10AM you can always hear the church bells announcing that it’s time for the service to begin so I know when it’s Sunday. That only leaves Tuesdays and since nothing of any importance ever happens on a Tuesday, I just don’t worry about knowing what the hell day it is.

Of course, I keep the calendar on my computer up to date, so if something important,,,,, like say a doctor appointment,,,, should fall on a Tuesday, my calendar will send me a little message to remind me.

We also have one of those Apple devices called Alexa, which reminds me when it’s time to start getting ready to go to poker. She also reminds me when it’s time to take my pills and I suppose if it was important enough I could program her to tell me when it’s Tuesday.

….Maybe I’ll take that under advisement.


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