AM I THE ONLY ONE….. who gets annoyed by retirees clogging up the streets during lunch hour or rush hour?

By: Richard L. King

Why do so many of us old farts find that we have to be out on the streets during RUSH HOUR. We’ve been retired forever, we have all day to do whatever it is that’s so important to get us out on these roads, but we find that the only convenient time to do whatever it is that we have to do is during the hours when all those poor working stiffs are trying to get to or from work. We’re probably rushing off to the restaurant to be the earliest bird in the hope that there might be a PRE-early bird special. Either that or it’s during lunch time for all those working stiffs and we simply have to go to lunch at the exact same time as we always have, no matter that we haven’t worked in years.

That’s maddening enough, but couple it with the fact that we probably don’t know exactly where we are supposed to turn, so again we’re poking along, holding up traffic trying to make a left turn from the center lane, or some other ignorant move. On top of that, we’ve had our turn signal on for the last three blocks, so by now the drivers behind us know that we don’t have a clue and they’re chomping at the bit trying to find an opening in the traffic to switch lanes and get out from behind us.   That’s about the time we spike our breaks, realizing that this is our turn coming up and if we don’t get over into the turn lane real fast, we’re going to miss the turn. Oh well, I guess we can just go ahead and make the turn from……. CRASH!

I could go on, but I’ve probably already made enough enemy’s for one day. Besides it’s almost rush hour and Sweetie and I have to get to that PRE- early birds special.


Gramps use’ta say
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1 thought on “AM I THE ONLY ONE….. who gets annoyed by retirees clogging up the streets during lunch hour or rush hour?”

  1. I always felt that way when I was driving to work behind some older model Buick and peering through the back window all you see is knarled knuckles on the steering wheel. Then he pulls into the post office and gets out of the car with his utility bill to be mailed promptly. Why couldn’t he have waited until 10:00 to slow down traffic?


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