Am I the only one ….. who marvels about time every now and then?

zzzz - Time photo

© By: Richard L. King

 Time is very generous with the wisdom it will share
often it will be our tutor, teaching us to care.

Time can be your enemy or it can be your friend
and it can be a healer, when a heart needs to mend.

Time creates opportunities or it can take them away,
time can be the culprit or it can save the day.

Time isn’t free, but it most certainly can’t be bought,
you cannot put a price tag on the lessons time has taught.

Time is very precious, but can’t be saved for a rainy day.
most everyone has had dreams that time has stolen away.

Time is never stationary, it constantly keeps moving on,
it can never stay, it’s here only until it’s gone.

Time is unending, though it’s often far too short,
and at times it simply wanders, like a ship without a port.

Time is a valuable commodity, but it can’t be bought & sold,
for the young it seems everlasting, not so once you get old.

 Time waits for no man; ultimately you’ll sing your final song.
There’s a time to mend your fences and a time to move along.

When our time is running out, it cuts us like a knife,
yet time is but a measure used to quantify our life.

 Hopefully, time has been generous with the wisdom it has shared
and when your time has come, let’s hope you are prepared.


Gramps use’ta say
R.L.King2012 #360

 Gramps 2 (2)

About: Suspicion

“When something smells fishy;

Be vigilant…
Trust your nose.”




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