Am I the only one…. who tends to get confused by all the acronyms in use today?

Richard Lee King

typrewriterThey use so many acronyms in sports that we need a dictionary designated just for acronyms. Some of them have been around so long that many of us know them, but what about those people who are new to the sport? In baseball I know what MVP, RBI, BA, R, H, E and quite a few others, but my granddaughters don’t. Oh, and what about the new ones that are constantly cropping up? The article I was reading referred to OPS several times. I have no clue as to what an “OPS” is. I know what Oops is and at first that’s what I thought this was, an OOPS! A mistake…. But as I read a little further, they referred to it again. One “typo” could possibly be an Oops, but a few sentences later the same Oops? Somehow that just didn’t sound very likely.

In football, they use terms like “Quarterback, Half Back, Defensive Back and Linebacker. Plus, when you are talking about linebackers, they can be an inside linebacker, outside linebacker or a middle linebacker. Then they start throwing in the ACRONYMS. Half back becomes the H back or HB. Quarterback is QB. When it comes to the linebackers they are LB or ILB or OLB or MLB. An offensive lineman is OL and defensive lineman is DL, or is that Disabled List? Are you beginning to see where I’m going with this?

It seems that there is a need for a series of dictionaries for the various sports, something small that you could carry in your pocket or in a purse. Wouldn’t it be nice if Budweiser, Coke, Pepsi or someone who is a regular sponsor of sporting events were to put out something like that as a promotional giveaway?

Or, maybe some sharp entrepreneur could start a website where he had a series of different dictionaries available at the click of a key, each one for a different sport or industry. Or maybe one dictionary for all acronyms and another for all sporting terms.

Maybe you’d be able to pick your own criteria. Maybe there is already something like this available…. Who knows? Maybe I should “Google” it? Do you see what I mean? Ten years ago if I said I was going to “Google it,” how many people do you think would have had a clue as to what I was talking about? Not only that, but now we have “Bing” and, of course, “Twitter and Tweeting” which are even more recent.

It just never ends.


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“Though some are slow to grasp it,
there’s a big difference twixt
being dumb and actin stupid.”



2 thoughts on “Am I the only one…. who tends to get confused by all the acronyms in use today?”

  1. talk into your microphone and ask for free dictionary for acronyms, there’s over a million. acronyms smart phones have every thing.


  2. My pet peeve is all of the commercials for drugs that use initials like HBP or COPD or RA. Some are common initials but others are obscure. When I talk to my doctor we don’t use initials we refer to the disease by its name.


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