Am I the only one …who suffers an attack of road rage when grocery shopping?

.  By:  Donna Hale Chandler

I think we would all benefit from some Grocery Cart Driver’s Training.  Perhaps the following rules could be considered:

  1. Drive your cart on the right side of the aisle, just as you keep your car on the right side of the road (at least I hope you do). If you’re on the wrong side of the aisle and try to play ‘chicken’ with me, you will lose every time.
  2. Do not leave your cart alone, particularly if you’ve parked in slap dab in the middle of the aisle, while you go in search of an item. (My suggestion when you see an abandoned cart is to push it to the next aisle so the owner has to look for it.)
  3. If you are a senior citizen, as I am, do NOT shop on the week-end. This is when working mothers’ are trying to shop for their children’s lunch items.  Seniors, we’ve got all week to grocery shop – stay home on Saturday.
  4. Ladies, leave the hubby home when you shop. Or at least confine him to the car to wait for you.  Ask yourself, is he really helpful?  Does he do anything other than push the cart –down the middle of the aisle, by the way – and stand in the way as you’re examining every ketchup bottle on the shelf?  The line behind you is getting longer while hubby waits for permission from you to move on.
  5. Keep your visits short when you run into your neighbor. Go home and chat with them.  People are waiting to get past.  Don’t pretend you don’t see them.

I’m sure the list of Rules for Grocery Cart Driving could be extensive.  Do you have something that you would like to add to the list?  Perhaps we can start up our own school.


Gramps use’ta say
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“Alcohol doesn’t solve your problems,

….but it might seem like it did.”


4 thoughts on “Am I the only one …who suffers an attack of road rage when grocery shopping?”

  1. These comments are so true! You are not the only one! I would like to add, please don’t enter the “10 only items aisle” by mistake and then “pretend” you didn’t know!!


  2. I fully agree with a shopping cart training class… some people have no common courtesy. They stop in the aisles and block it up. You can excuse me 20times n they act like why are u saying excuse me you have room.. not with other people behind you as you stand their blocking n aisle….
    Shopping carts in the parking lot oh my god don’t get get me started on that as my car has dinged n hit so many times… this is why they built shopping cart storage in the parking lots… learn to use them people . Have respect…. you would freak out if someone hit your precious car or truck… have respect for others…


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